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DIGI is constantly creating innovative technologies and developing products with a pioneering spirit. And all of this is done from the perspective of the workplace: understanding issues the way a person in the field would have, and developing creative ideas to address workplace problems that the customer might not even be aware of. Through global collaboration and technical information sharing that transcends its respective business fields, our development sites located in five countries around the world are creating compelling new products that benefit our customers

Dedicated Counting Scales

Remote Platforms


Dedicated Counting Scales
DIGI DMC-782 Portable Coin Counting Scales
From: $518.50
Coin counting is made easy and accurate by the remarkably precise DMC-782 Coin Counting Scale
DIGI DC-788 Industrial Counting Scale
From: $765.00
Doing More for Less. Th e DIGI DC-788 exceeds all expectations of a counting scale—at a price point that can’t be beat! With a capacity of up to 100 pounds, and a rechargeable battery that provides up to 24 hours of continuous usage, this durable counting scale offers tremendous power and virtually unlimited fl exibility. Its bright red LCD display can be seen from virtually any angle and is highly visible in low light areas. Only non-counting applications are NTEP approved.
DIGI DC-782 Portable Counting Scale
From: $486.00
Offering practical solutions for a full range of counting applications, the DC-782 is an affordable option that meets the minimal demands of simple piece counting.

Remote Platforms
DIGI S-YC Series Remote Scale Base Platforms
From: $595.00
DIGI S-YC Series Remote Scale Base Platforms. Standard Features are: Stainless steel platter, ABS injection-molded plastic base, Single-point strain gauge load cell, Adjustable legs, Leveling bubble, 14-Pin connector on three meter cable.

DIGI B-Ready Strollers
From: $190.65
DIGI Carrying Case Hard Shell with Locking Lactches
DIGI 73386 Anti-static sample tray
DIGI 73386 Aanti-static sample tray
DIGI 108516 Rechargeable Battery
DIGI Rechargeable Battery
DIGI 88933 Rechargeable Battery
DIGI 88933 Rechargeable Battery
DIGI 73381 4 in (100 mm) castors (4 swivels, 2 with brakes)
DIGI 73381 4 in (100 mm) castors (4 swivels, 2 with brakes)




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