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Detecto Scales

Detecto Physician Scales

Detecto medical scales set the standard in hospitals, clinics and physicians offices worldwide. We have both mechanical beam medical scales and digital medical scales.

Mechanical Physician Scales

Eye-Level Physician Scales in Pounds
439 - 437 - 438 - 449 - 448
Eye-Level Dual Reading Physician Scales in Pounds & Metric
339 - 338 - 349
Eye-Level Physician Scales Metric Only
2391 - 2371 - 2381 - 2491
Eye-Level Stainless Steel Physician Scales
439S - 437S - 339S - 2391S - 2371S
Mechanical Baby Scales
450 - 459CH - 243 - 253
Personal Floor Scales (Bathroom Scales)
D350 - D350K - D1130

Digital Physician Scales

Eye Level Physician Scales
APEX - APEX-SH - SOLO - ICON - 6437 - 6439 - 6449 - 6337 - 6339
ProDoc Professional Physician Scales
PD100 - PD200 - SOLO
Digital Baby Scales
MB-130 - 8440 - 6745 - 8432-CH - 8435
Floor Physician/Nurse Scales
DR400-750 - DR550C - DR-400C - DR-150 - DR400 - GP-600-758C (NTEP)

Detecto Specialty Medical Scales

scales, handrail scales, chair scales, in-bed scales and patient lift scales. Ideal for patient comfort and safety.

Detecto MV1 Med Vue Medical Weight Analyzer Indicator

DETECTO’s Wi-Fi Medcal Indicator and scales

DETECTO's MedVue® medical weight analyzer is utilized on select clinical scales. The MedVue® features a striking blue 3.5-in-wide by 3-in-high backlit LCD display screen with nearly 1-in-high weight digit readouts for easy visibility. The MedVue’s 350-degree swivel mounting bracket allows the display to be tilted and rotated into position wherever it is the most convenient for the medical professional and/or patient to view. A host of other benefits include 14-digit patient ID which may be entered via the alphanumeric keypad, 99 stored tare weights, 200 stored transactions, 1LOOK display, and four different languages available in set-up (English, Spanish, French, and German). The MedVue® offers a host of both wired and optional wireless connectivity for sending measurement data to

Stationary Wheelchair Scales
7550 - 485 - 4851(KG) - 495 - 4951 (KG) - 6495 - FHD - FH(InFloor)
Portable Wheelchair Scales
6500 - BRW1000 - 6550 - CR1000D - Solace
Chair Scales
475 - 4751(KG) - 6475 - 6475K(KG) - 6875 - 6880
Bariatric Scales
6800 - 6855 - 6856 - 6857DHR - 6868 - 6876
Patient Lift Scales
In-Bed Scales
IBFL500 - IB800
Sponge/Wet Diaper Scales

Food Service Scales

Quality food service scales from Detecto.  Several models to choose from with a wide range of features and capacities - price computing scales, mechanical and digital bakers dough scales and food ingredient scales -- ideal for use in restaurants, sandwich shops, pizzerias, bakeries, and anywhere that food is served.

Detecto Mailroom / Shipping and Industrial Scales

Digital mailroom scales, bulk mail scales and shipping scales.

Detecto Veterinary Scales

Detecto veterinary scales safely, comfortably and accurately weigh animals - available in either 50 pound or 400 pound capacity

Detecto other Medical Products

Detecto Digital Handgrip Dynamometers,Waste Receptacles,Universal Glove Box Holders

Detecto Baby Scales

Detecto baby scales - both mechanical baby scales and digital baby scales including the revolutionary Tot Weigher with the built-in infant seat for safely weighing baby.

Digital Baby Scales
MB-130 - 8440 - 6745 - 8432-CH - 8435
Mechanical Baby Scales
450 - 459CH - 243 - 253
Sponge/Wet Diaper Scales

Medical Carts

Model Emergency Room Anesthesiology General Purpose Isolation Cart
Image Detecto WC33669RED WHISPER Emergency Room Cart 5 Drawers Detecto WHISPER Anesthesiology Cart Detecto WHISPER General Purpose Utility Detecto WHISPER Isolation Medical Cart
Price From $1471.50 $1471.50 $1471.50 $1471.50
Drawer Color Red Blue Yellow White
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