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Digital Kitchen Scales

The ideal digital kitchen scales for cooking, crafting, for weighing postage and more

Detecto WPS10 Mariner

Detecto WPS10 Mariner IP67 Submersible Portion Control Scale

Detecto WPS10 Mariner IP67 Submersible Portion Control Scale
Price: $289.00


Shipping wt: 5 lbs.

DETECTO?s Mariner® IP67 washdown portion control scale is submersible underwater for easy clean up that is necessary in messy food service industry applications. The NSF-certified stainless steel scale offers a dual power source of rechargeable battery power or 120V AC adapter (included) with a watertight AC plug on the side. The model WPS10 Mariner® features an audible Over/Under alert and the clearly-visible 1.2-in/30-mm-high backlit blue LCD display offers large 1-in/25-mm-high bold digits. The compact scale takes up only a conservative amount of counter space: 7.5 in W x 9.75 in D / 190.5 mm W x 247.5 mm D.
  • Instantly Displays Weight in Both Decimals and Fractions
  • 1.2-in/30-mm High Backlit LCD
  • High/Low Checkweighing with Audible Over/Under Alert
  • Tare Function to Remove the Weight of a Food Container
  • Toggle Through Six Different Weight Capacity Display Options

DETECTO?s Mariner® Portion Scale is a water resistant kitchen scale with a completely-sealed design

The all-stainless steel body prevents corrosion and keeps water from reaching its more delicate working parts

RETAIL PACKAGING - The Mariner comes in visually-attractive English/Spanish retail packaging to gain attention on highly-competitive store shelves

The WPS10 features an audible Over/Under alert for checkweighing and the clearly-visible 1.2-in/30-mm-high backlit blue LCD display offers large 1-in/25-mm-high bold digits. Settings can be adjusted for gravity compensation

RECHARGEABLE BATTERY The NSF-certi?ed stainless steel scale offers a dual power source of rechargeable battery power or 120V AC adapter (included) with a watertight AC plug on the side. The automatic shutoff feature helps conserve battery life. (AC adapter and watertight rechargeable battery come with the Mariner®)

Large 1-inch-high LCD Digits - Pounds-Ounces, Fractional Ounces, and More

KD-160 Tanita Digital Kitchen Scale
KD-160 Tanita digital scale

Tanita KD-160 Digital Kitchen Scales
Price: $64.95

currently in stock
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs. (estimate shipping cost)
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Tanita's best selling battery powered general use scale.  Use the Tanita KD-160 to weigh food, weigh mail for postage, for crafts and candle-making, or even to weigh small animals.  Batteries & bowl included


  • Switchable Grams or Ounces
  • Tare Weighing Function
  • Auto Power Off


  • 1000 g Capacity: 0-500 g x 1 g and 500-1000 g x 2 g
  • 35 Oz. Capacity: 0-16 oz x 0.05oz. and 16-35 oz x 0.1 oz
  • System: Electrostatic Capacitance Load Cell
  • Display: 9 mm (0.35") 4 Digits LCD
  • Power Supply: 4 "AAA" batteries (included)
  • Dimensions:  7.9" x 5.7" x 1.6" (201 x 146 x 40 mm)
  • Simple to use, Easy, Accurate!
  • One year warranty
  • Color: Black 
Seca 852 Culina Diet Scale
Seca 852 Culina Diet Scale

Seca 852 Culina Diet Scale
Price: $121.74

currently in stock
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs. (estimate shipping cost)
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The Seca 852 Culina diet scale with bowl can be an ideal combination, particularly when the bowl is a perfect fit for the scale. After the scale has been used, the scale can be stored in the bowl. This easy-to-use cooking scale has a TARE function which can repeatedly reset the weight to zero, no matter how much is already in the bowl.


  • Maximum precision. For use as a diet scale.
  • One button controls all functions.
  • High weight capacity of up to 6.6 Ibs (3,000 grams).
  • Graduations: 0.04 oz (1 g)
DigiWeigh DW-81 Digital Kitchen Scales
DigiWeigh DW-81 Digital Kitchen Scales

DigiWeigh DW-81 Digital Kitchen Scales
Price: $39.95

currently in stock
Shipping Weight: 6 lbs. (estimate shipping cost)
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The Digiweigh DW-81 is a versatile digital scale that can be used in kitchen, mail room or even your workshop. This digital scale features a detachable bowl that is ideal for weighing food, liquid, powder or other items


  • Extra-large platform (6.5 inch in diameter).
  • 20-oz bowl included to weigh liquid, powder or small items.
  • With over-load protection preventing the scale from pressure higher than max weight.
  • Large digital LCD with blue backlite.  This function can make this scale be used at night.
  • Blue backlite can be swtiched off manually to save power.


  • Capacity: 6.6 lbs (3 kg)
  • Accuracy: 0.1 oz (1 g)
  • Dimensions: 7" (D) x 8.5" (W) x 4" (H)
  • Platform diameter: 6.5"
  • Platform material:  ABS plastic
  • LCD size: 1.5" x 0.5"
  • Power: 4 x AAA batteries (included)
Tanita KD-200 Digital Scales

Solar powered Tanita digital scale

Tanita KD-200 Digital Scales
currently in stock
Shipping Weight: 6 lbs. (estimate shipping cost)
Other Tanita scales



The Tanita KD-200 is a portable digital scale that is easy to carry for weighing outside the home or office. This digital scale features a large 7.2" square removable stainless steel washable tray. It's splash-proof design ensures precision even in high humidity areas, making it ideal for food service. Fast and accurate results.


  • Single range graduation
  • Large 5/8" (14 mm) LCD
  • Splash-proof and precision in high humidity
  • 800 hours battery life (alkaline batteries)
  • Fast display, simple to use
  • Removable, washable stainless steel platform
  • Tare weighing function


  • System: Electronic capacitance load cell
  • Display: 4-digit LCD (5/8" high)
    5 digits for 5 kg/11 lb version
  • Power: Four "AA" batteries (not included), or AC adapter (included). 
  • Dimensions: 
    Platform: 183 x 183 mm (7.2" x 7.2")
    Scale: 179 x 255 x 68 mm (7" x 10" x 2.7")
    Weight: 1.20 kg (2.8 lbs)
  • One year manufacturer's warranty

Model #




Minimum Graduation



1000 g/35 oz


0-1000 g x 1 g (0-35 oz x 0.05 oz)



2000 g/70 oz


0-2000 g x 2 g (0-70 oz x 0.1 oz)



5000 g/11 lb


0-5000 g x 5 g (0-11 lb x 0.2 oz)

CAS SW Food Service Scale - Legal for Trade

Solar powered Tanita digital scale

CAS SW Food Service Scales
Legal for Trade
Free Shipping
Price: from $157.50

currently in stock
Shipping Weight: 8 lbs. (estimate shipping cost)
Other Tanita scales



CAS SW series portable digital scales are battery operated and NTEP approved legal for trade - ideal for use as a food scale or for legal for trade retail weighing

  • Approved Legal for Trade
  • Battery operation with Auto Power feature
  • Large, 1" LCD display
  • Weighs in pounds, kilograms, grams and ounces (switchable)
  • Soft touch tack switch
  • Compact design with stainless steel platter
  • Zero, Net, Stable, and Low Battery indications
  • On/Off, Zero, Tare and Unit functions
  • NTEP Approval number 99-002


  • Solar powered
  • Easy to use
  • Fast & instant display
  • Switchable between grams and ounces
  • Tare function
  • Low light warning
  • Auto power off


Model SW-5 SW-10 SW-20 SW-50
Capacity x Readability
5 x 0.002 lb 10 x 0.005 lb 20 x 0.01 lb 50 x 0.02 lb
Capacity x Readability
2 x 0.001 kg 5 x 0.002 kg 10 x 0.005 kg 20 x 0.01 kg
Capacity x Readability
2000 x 1 g 5000 x 2 10000 x 5 g 20000 x 10 g
Capacity x Readability
80 x 0.05 oz 160 x 0.1 oz 400 x 0.2 oz 800 x 0.5 oz
Price $157.50
With Dual Display
SW-5-D SW-10-D SW-20-D SW-50-D
Price $192.50
Legal for Trade NTEP # 99-002 For SW and SW-D models
With IP-66 Washdown
- SW-10W SW-20W SW-50W
Price - $209.30
With IP-66 Washdown
and Dual Display
- SW-10W-D SW-20W-D SW-50W-D
Price - $244.30
Legal for Trade NTEP # 99-075 For SW-W and SW-W-D models
Model With LB:OZ
Decimal / Fraction Modes
NOT Legal for Trade
SW-5Z SW-10Z SW-20Z SW-50Z
Price $157.50
Model With LB:OZ
Decimal / Fraction Modes
and Dual Display
NOT Legal for Trade
SW-5Z-D SW-10Z-D SW-20Z-D SW-50Z-D
Price $192.50
Legal for Trade NO For SW-Z and SW-Z-D models
Display Digit 5 digit, 1" LCD display
Display Designators Stable, Zero, Net, Batt.

Measurement Type Load Cell
Power Source DC 9V (1.5V x 6EA) / AC Adapter (included)
Power Consumption 0.25 W
Operating Time Alkaline Dry battery: 1000 hour
Min Battery: 500 hr
Operating Temperature -10° C ~ +40°C (14° F ~ +104° F)
Platter Size (mm / inch) 230 W x 190 D / 9.05 W x 7.48 D
Dimensions (mm / inch) 250 W x 287 D x 137 H / 10.23 W x 11.29 D x 5.39 H
Weight / Shipping Weight 3.14 kg (6.92 lb) / 8 lbs.
DigiWeigh Calorie Counting Scale / Diet Scale
MP-500 digital scale

DigiWeigh Calorie Counting Scale / Diet Scales
Price: $49.95

currently in stock
Shipping Weight: 5 lbs. (estimate shipping cost)




This revolutionary scale has a computerized program that shows the weight, kilocalories, kilojoules, protein values, fat values, carbohydrates, cholesterol values and bread values of the food weighed. This is the ideal diet scale, with more than 500 different kinds of food ingredients pre-programmed


  • Simple and easy to use -- just push 4 buttons shows all the details you need
  • Weighs either dry or liquid ingredients
  • Weigh directly on platform or use with a bowl
  • Extra large angled display for easy reading
  • Auto and manual shut-off
  • 5 year warranty
  • Scale Size: 22 x 19 x 8 cm
  • Capacity: 3 kg x 1 g / 6.6 lb x .1 oz
  • Operates on lithium batteries (included )
  • High precision strain-gauge weight sensing system
  • Includes food code list
  • Calculates the nutrition values of 476 different kinds of food automatically
  • Switchable between grams, kilograms, ounces and pounds
  • Large, easy to read LCD display
  • Tare function (lets you easily deduct the weight of any food container used)
  • Unbreakable glass platform
Ohaus CS-Series Portable Scales
Ohaus CS Portable Digital Scales

Ohaus CS-Series Portable Scales
currently in stock
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs. (estimate shipping cost)
Other Ohaus scales

Now including an AC Adapter
and a Postal Chart


Optional Carrying Case (80010624), Add $40.00

Ideal when cost matters and dependable results are a must.  These uniquely designed scales have a wide variety of applications--more than any other scale in their class.  Perfect for use in light production, in the field, in the kitchen, the office, and more.  Easy operation, long battery life, and great performance make these scales a truly remarkable value! Available in three different capacities: 200, 2000 or 5000 grams.


  • Sleek, low-profile design
  • Switchable between ounces and grams
  • Energy-saving auto shut off
  • Large, high-contrast display
  • Battery or AC powered 
  • Overload and under load indicators
  • Low battery indicator
  • Tactile feedback keypad
  • Rugged plastic construction
  • Auto shut off after 5 minutes of inactivity to save battery life


Model Number CS200 CS2000 CS5000
Price $105.00
Free Postal Chart YES YES YES
Capacity x Readability (g) 200 g x 0.1 g 2000 g x 1 g 5000 g x 1 g
Repeatability (Std. dev.) (g) 0.1 1 1
Linearity (g) ±0.1 ±1 ±1
Weighing Units g, lb:oz, Newton, oz
Zero Range To capacity by subtraction
Stabilization Time 3 seconds
Optimum Operating Temperature 65°-77°F / 18°-25°C at 10% to 80% relative humidity, non-condensing
Power Requirements 3-AA alkaline batteries (included) or AC adapter (included)
Calibration User calibration from keypad
Auto Shut-Off 5 minutes no activity (battery operation only)
Display (in/mm) LCD (0.4 / 11)
Pan size L x W (in/cm) 5.75 x 5.25 / 14.5 x 13.3
Scale Dimensions L x W x H (in/cm) 8.0 x 5.5 x 1.5 / 20.3 x 14.0 x 3.8
Box Dimensions (L x W x H (in/cm) 12 x 6.75 x 2 / 30 x 17 x 5.5
Net Weight (lb/kg) 0.91 / 0.47
Shipping Weight (lb/kg) 1.8 / 0.8
Brecknell PS7 Scales
The versatile, economical and colorful PS7 electronic postal scale from Brecknell is ideal for weighing letters and small parcels at home or in the office
  • Rugged Construction- ABS plastic
  • Capacity- 3.2 kg / 7 lb
  • Dual Resolution-
    • 0 - 2 kg x 5 g / 2 - 3.2 kg x 10 g;
    • 0 - 5 lb x 0.005 lb / 5 - 7 lb x 0.01 lb;
    • 0 - 5 lb x 0.1 oz / 5 - 7 lb x 0.5 oz
  • Units of Measure - g, lb, lb/oz
  • Scale Dimension - 174 mm (L) x 143 mm (W) x 142 mm (H) 6.9" L x 5.6" W x 6" H
  • Battery- Two AAA batteries (included)
  • Display- Seven segment LCD
  • Function? On/Off/Tare, Units
  • Colors? Blue, Gray and Pink

Brecknell PS7 Scales 7 x 0.01 lb
Price: $45.00


Shipping wt: 2 lbs.

DigiWeigh DW-1001 Digital Tabletop Scales
DigiWeigh DW-1001 Digital Tabletop Scales

DigiWeigh DW-1001 Digital Tabletop Scales
Price: $59.95
currently in stock
Shipping Weight: 6 lbs. (estimate shipping cost)




The DigiWeigh DW-1001 tabletop scale is a professional balance designed for labs, schools or industries. The DW-1001 digital scale is also a counting scale for small items.

  • High quality strain gauge load cell system makes it accurate in full capacity range.
  • High density ABS housing and metal support makes it very durable.
  • Perfect repeatability and off-center accuracy.
  • 2 weighing functions: weight, counting.
  • 4 weighing units switching by one touch of button.
  • Dmbedded counting function
  • Large high contrast LCD display makes the readouts clear to read.
  • Batteries and adaptor included.


  • Scale size: 8.5" (D) x 6.75" (W) x 1.5" (H)
  • Weighing units: grams, carats, grains, ounces
  • Capacity: 1000 grams
  • Accuracy: 0.1 gram
  • Platform size: 5" in diameter
  • Platform material:  Stainless Steel
  • LCD size: 2" x 1"
  • Power: 4 x AA Batteries and AC Adaptor (included)






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