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Mark-10 Force Gauges - Compare the Models
Mark 10 torque testing and force testing grips and attachments
Compare BG, CG, EG, MG Modles Compare 4, 5 Series
Model Series 4 Series 5
Mark-10 4 Series Force Gauges Mark-10 5 Series Force Gauges
Peak sampling rate: 3,000 Hz 7,000 Hz
Pulse capture: 1/1,500 sec. minimum 1/3,500 sec. minimum
Accuracy (% FS): ±0.2 ±1 LSD ±0.1 ±1 LSD
Data outputs: USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo, Analog USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo, Analog
Automatic output via USB/RS-232: No Yes
Data memory: 50 readings, with output 1,000 readings, with output
Data memory deletion: Any individual data point, or clear all Any individual data point, or clear all
Statistics calculations: Yes Yes
Statistics output to PC: Yes Yes
Averaging mode: No Yes
External trigger mode: No Yes
Analog load bar graph: Yes Yes
Set point markers on bar graph: Yes Yes
GCL2 (Gauge Control Language 2)
ASCII command set:
“?” only Full command set
Compatibility with ESM301 test stand and
Series DC controllers:
Set points, overload protection, and communication with the “?” character only Full compatibility, including PC control
Display: Graphics LCD Graphics LCD
Display backlight: Yes Yes
Programmable backlight auto-off and initial status: No Yes
On-screen pass/fail indicators: Yes Yes
Password protection of keys: No Yes, for calibration and individual keys
Peak readings always displayed: Yes Yes
Set points always displayed: Yes Yes
Reversible housing: Yes Yes
No. of units of measurement: 5 5
Capacity Range / No. of Capacities: 0.12 lb – 500 lb / 11 0.12 lb – 500 lb / 11
Configurable calibration
(weight increments and no. of data points):
Yes Yes
Overload outputs: Dedicated pins for tension and compression Dedicated pins for tension and compression
Set point outputs: Dedicated pins for high and low set points Dedicated pins for high and low set points
MESURTM Lite software included: Yes Yes
Dimensions (inches): 2.5 x 5.9 x 1.3 2.5 x 5.9 x 1.3
Warranty: 3 years 3 years
Manufactured in: United States United States
List Price: $795 - $945 $995 - $1,145
Series 4
More info
Series 5
More info

Accuracy (% of full scale)
Sampling Rate (readings/second)
Display Rate (updates/second)
2.5 / 65 in peak mode
2.5 / 30 in peak mode
AC or rechargeable battery (both included). Includes Intelligent Power Management System (IPM). IPM warns the user via a "LO BAT" indicator and then will power off the gauge
AC or non-rechargeable battery, includes IPM
Battery Life
8-10 hours of continuous use
30 hours of continuous use
Peak Capture
Yes, in tension and compression (cw and ccw for torque gauges)
Units of measurement

Force gauges: lb(oz), kg(g), N

Torque gauges: lbin(ozin), kgmm, Ncm for torque gauges

Fully configurable up to 9600 baud. Includes Gauge Control Language (GCL).
Fully configurable up to 9600 baud
Mitutoyo (Digimatic)
Serial BCD suitable for all Mitutoyo SPC-compatible devices
±1 VCD, ±0.25% of full scale at capacity. Positive for compression, negative for tension.
General Purpose I/O
Three open collector outputs and one input (utilizing Mitutoyo lines)
Set Point
Three open collector lines (utilizing Mitutoyo lines)
Configurable Settings

Analog filters, digital filters, outputs selection, automatic output (RS-232), automatic shutoff, initial (default), averaging mode, calibration

Outputs selection, automatic shutoff, initial (default), calibration
Load cell deflection
0.010 in [0.25 mm] at full capacity
Safe Overload
150% (display shows "----" at 110% and above)
Weight (gauge only)
BG012 - BG200: 0.95 lb [0.4 kg] BG500: 1.12 lb [0.5 kg]
All capacities: 1.8 lb [0.8 kg]
EG012 - EG200: 0.95 lb [0.4 kg] EG500: 1.12 lb [0.5 kg]
MG025 - MG200: 0.7 lb [0.3 kg] MG500: 0.87 lb [0.4 kg]
Included Accessories
Chisel, cone, V-groove, hook, flat, extension rod
Hook, flat
Environmental Requirements
40°F - 100°F [5°C - 45°C], <96% humidity (non-condensating)
Thermal Effects
Zero: 0.03% of full scale/°C, Span: 0.01% of full scale/°C
Housing Construction
6061 aluminum, reversible halves for handheld operation or test stand mounting






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