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Ishida Scales Ishida Scales
Authorized Dealer
Ishida offers a wide range of scales equipment, built to suit your specific field and applications. Besides high-precision electronic balances for general use, Ishida offers top-dish weighing scales for trade and certification, electronic weighing scales, waterproof designs and counting scales.
Portable Scales
Series iPC
Image iPC
Price From
Capacity X Readability 100 x 0.1 oz
3 x 0.002 lb
6 x 0.005 lb
15 x 0.01 lb
30 x 0.02 lb
60 x 0.05 lb
Legal for Trade NTEP CC 02-139
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Checkweighing Scales
Series IGX
Image IGB
Price From
Capacity X Readability 150 x 0.05 lb
300 x 0.1 lb
Legal for Trade NTEP CC 05-020
Display Type VFD
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