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HealthOMeter 100LB Bathroom Floor Dial Scale,270 x 1lb

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HealthOMeter 100LB Bathroom Floor Dial Scale,270 x 1lb
HealthOMeter 100LB Bathroom Floor Dial Scale,270 x 1lb

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Health O Meter
UPC: 892076002381


Prepare to discover the most advanced medical scales made today. Health o meter is at the forefront of innovation creating more new medical products than ever before. Healthometer is reclaiming its place as the leader in the medical scale industry by investing in new technologies and expanding its product offerings.

Healthometer offers a level of quality that's truly unmatched. While doctors have trusted the Healthometer name and reliability for nearly a century, their patients have also come to recognize the promise of quality and precision that a Health o meter scale represents.

Our physician office scales are the most dependable in the industry. That's why more than 50% of all physician scales used in the United States bear the Health o meter name. Choose from balance beam, digital, waist-high and remote display models. All provide maximum precision day-after-day.

Precision scales are an integral part of health clubs, athletic departments and healthcare facilities. Healthometer provides the accuracy, durability and stability required by these high-traffic and often inclement environments.

  • Capacity/Increments: 270Lbs/1Lb
  • Dial Size: 1 7/8" x 2 1/8"
  • Platform Dimesions:10 1/2" X 10"
  • Steel base
  • Easy-to-read dial
  • Non-slip mat

Weight: 5.00 lb
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HealthOMeter 100LB Bathroom Floor Dial Scale
270 x 1lb


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