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Dillon Quick Balance Tension Meter

Dillon Quick balance Tension Meter / Wire Tester
Dillon AWT15-500844

  • Significant labor and time savings
  • Safety improvement in measurement method
  • View and balance multiple lines in minutes
  • Measures total force quickly and easily
  • Default of three wire rope sizes (included) with the ability to add 5 more wire ropes
  • Best suited for Elevator Inspections
    -Quickly balance wire ropes
    -Measure total weight of car Patent

Dillon AWT15-500844 Quick Balance Tension Meter

Price: $2,074.00

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(48 US States Only)


Dillon Calibration for Quick-Check Tension Meters, add $97.75

Dillon 36309-0085 1/4 sheave - 3/16 in to 1/4 in, add $216.75

Dillon 36309-0044 1/2 sheave - 3/16 in up to 1/2 in, add $216.75

Dillon 36309-0010 3/4 sheave - 1/4 in to 3/4 in , add $216.75

Dillon 36309-0101 1 sheave - 1/2, add $216.75

The Dillon Quick Balance tension meter quickly measures tension on elevator traction cables or other cable sets, recording individual readings, averages and total readings. Quick Balance installs, measures and removes in seconds, giving accurate digital readings up to 10,000 lbs. No look-up or correction tables required, and no need to write down readings for comparisons.

Quick Balance can be employed in many industries for the balancing of multiple line installations. Typical applications include elevators, tower and stack guy wire rope and crane rigging sets.


The Fastest Cable Tension Meter

Quick Balance can be placed on a cable, measure its tension and removed in seconds! There are no complex lookup tables and no conversion charts. The operator can quickly select from different wire rope sizes and types stored in the Quick Balance memory. Once a set of measurements has been taken the operator can adjust various tensions in the check tensioning mode which displays both current and target settings of individual cables.

Broad Application

Quick Balance can be employed in many industries for the balancing of multiple line installations. Typical applications include elevators, tower and stack guy wire rope and crane rigging sets.


  • Tension capacities: 10,000lb/45kN/4,500kg
  • Wire rope sizes and types:
    3/16" to 1” possible
    ½" 8 x 19 Included
    9/16" 8 x 19 Included
    5/8" 8 x 19 Included
    Up to 5 other size and wire types may be added.
  • Accuracy: + 3% of full scale. Calibrated to specific wire rope size and type; ± 5% with same wire rope diameter as calibrated but different wire rope type.
  • Number of calibrations:
    3 factory installed wire rope sizes:
    ½" 8 x 19
    9/16" 8 x 19
    5/8" 8 x 19
    Up to 5 additional wire rope types can be stored independently
  • Loading error: Cable elongation of only 0.08" (2mm)
  • Display: Dot graphic, backlit LCD supports full text and 1.0" high digits
  • Sheave range: Supplied with one set of sheaves (¼" to ¾" in range). Other selections may be ordered as necessary.
  • Environmental protection: Suitable for continued outdoor use.
  • Operating range: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
  • Tension units of measure: Pound-force, kilogram force, Newtons
  • Resolution: Configurable for low, medium or high
Quick Balance includes:
  • 10,000 Capacity Wire Tension Meter
  • 3 Free Pre-installed:
    1/2" 8 x 19
    9/16" 8 x 19
    5/8" 8 x 19
  • 1/4" to 3/4" Sheave Set
  • Carrying Case

Display showing cable summary screen.
  • Accommodates a wide range of wire rope sizes and styles
  • Highly visible yellow finish
  • Easy-to-read backlit display with full text prompts
  • Easy to use soft-key interface
  • Uses popular AA batteries and has long life between changes


What size sheaves should be purchased?

It makes sense to take advantage of the range for the sheaves. Most customers can make do with one set of sheaves for the entire assortment of wires they tension. If a customer checks tension in both 3/4" and 3/16" rope, the they should order two sheave sets, sheave code "L" & "S". The operator must use the appropriate sheave set for the wire size and calibration stored. Changing sheave sets takes about two minutes with included wrench.






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