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CAS MWP High Accuracy Bench Scales

CAS MWP-Series Gram Scales

CAS MWP-Series Precision Scales


Spec Chart

Precision/Professional Bench Scale, CAS MWP Series provides an extremely accurate and precise reading in a very compact design. Multi unit conversion including ct, GN, Ozt, dwt, tl enables multi applications where precision weighing result is required. Depending on weighing needs, there are 7 MWP models to choose from. Each models and capacity/readability are: MWP-150N(150 x 0.005g), MWP-300N(300 x 0.01g), MWP-600N(600 x 0.02g), MWP-300H(300 x 0.005g), MWP-600H(600 x 0.01g), MWP-1200H(1200 x 0.02g), MWP-3000H(3000 x 0.05g

  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  • Convertible Unit Weight: g, ct, lb, oz, GN, ozt, dwt, tl
  • Counting-Weighing-Percentage Modes
  • Auto Blue Backlight LCD Display
  • AC Adapter Included
Model MWP-150N MWP-300N MWP-600N MWP-300H MWP-600H MWP-1200H MWP-3000H
MWP-150N MWP-300N MWP-600N MWP-300H MWP-600H MWP-1200H MWP-3000H
Capacity x Readability 150 x 0.005 g 300 x 0.01 g 600 x 0.02 g 300 x 0.005 g 600 x 0.01 g 1200 x 0.02 g 3000 x 0.05 g
Price $206.50
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Unit Conversion ct, GN, Ozt, dwt, tl
Display Auto Blue Backlight LCD Display
Power Source Built-in Rechargeable Battery AC Adapter Included
Platter Size(inch) 4.6 in (radius) W 4.9 in D 5.7 in
Dimensions 7.9(W) 9.8(D) 3.1(H) inch
Product Weight 9.0 lb





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